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When the server uses the windows as the operating system, hosting on that server is then called window hosting. The primary reason for using Windows Web Hosing is that it offers ASP, ASP.NET, MS access and MSSQL. They are basically the various types of scripting languages and databases that run only on Windows.
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What is Cheap & Reliable Shared Web Hosting ???

Shared Web Hosting

After designing a website, the most important part before getting online is the search of a Cheap Web Hosting Provider. This task is not simple *as expected, due to heavy cut throat competition *  because there are so many companies that offer various types of online web space packages like shared, dedicated, managed, etc.

The new problem comes now that is  to find The Best & Reliable web host among them. In general, The best idea is to go for shared hosting, if the user is in a small business and would like to save money. But before finalizing the transaction, it is good to know about what are the advantages and disadvantages of shared web hosting.

!!!!! Best & Reliable Shared Hosting!!!!
When high performance and high bandwidth is not the points in question, shared one is a very convenient and economical to host websites. As its name suggests, in the case of shared hosting, web server, the web server resources are used and shared among several other websites hosted on a single machine and IP . Now, due to the fact that there is only one server that meets the needs of many websites benefit , Web Hosting Providers offer good prices for their Shared web  server packages .
Because of the facet so many sites are hosted on a single  Web server, yet there is no concern for the user on security and performance as These servers are managed, monitored and continually maintained by  certified professionals of HostinGem to reduce server downtime.
Shared server operates on Linux, windows or some other operating system and a new  web site on the shared server  gets a separate account in the operating system along with Control panel . These sites are hosted on shared resources available in a single, common IP address and certain number of other facilities are provided like Email server , Domain Forwarding , Domain Parking etc.

Types of Shared web  Hosting

Windows Shared web Hosting

Linux Shared web  Hosting

Java Shared Web Hosting
Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting:

1: Cost: Due to the fact that many websites are hosted on a single shared web server, the costs get reduced as low as $2-10 per month for shared hosting services. Huge Competition make it easy to get up to unlimited bandwidth.

2. Professional care of web servers and the continuous monitoring results in low downtime .

4. as there are many sites on the same server, security remains a big problem because one infected or insecure website can cause trouble for other sites as well.

So in a nutshell, we can say that before taking a decision on shared web hosting business, you should consider all the pros and cons of shared web hosting. As previously mentioned, Do not forget that the success of ones business depends on its website, which Depends on a good and Reliable web hosting provider like  HostinGem .

Protecting Your Site From Authentication Attacks

uthentication is a process that plays a major role in securing your website and applications.  When a user comes to your site and needs to access a particular area, they provide their username and password to authenticate themselves and prove their identity.  The application then provides the user with access and provides them with a set of pre-defined privileges based on the their identity and credentials entered.  While authentication is intended to give you an extra layer of security, a hacker can use the common HTTP protocol to manipulate this process and gain entrance into your website.

When a hacker uses authentication to break into a website, they are able to do so by proving to the application that they are a known and valid user.  This in turn, gives them access to whatever privileges you have assigned to the legitimate user.  So,  if an attacker is able to enter the system as a normal user, they may only have limited to specific information.  However, if they manage to gain access as an administrator with unlimited access across the system, they would likely have total control of the victimized application and all the data it contains.  This could be very damaging if you are storing customer data and other critical information on your website.

The Hacking Tool of Choice

In the average authentication attack, the hacker first attempts to gain access to the screen where the application requests login and password credentials from the user.  The next step is to enter the details the application recognizes as valid to grant access to the system.  Although it isn’t the most sophisticated attack, many hackers have found that guessing the password is one of the most powerful tools to defeat authentication.  This technique can be employed manually or through automation as many tools exist for this very crime.  Without a secure password, a brute force attack can bypass authentication in a matter of seconds.

Fighting Back Against Authentication Attacks

In order to learn whether or not their attack was successful, hackers use automated tools that access error codes and web page information from the web server.  A good way to deter this attack is to configure the server where any errors or unexpected requests generate an “HTTP 200 OK” response opposed to standard 400-type errors.  By doing this, you will make it harder for the attacker to differentiate between valid and invalid logon attempts.

One of the most effective ways to prevent automated authentication attacks like brute force is to add random content on the web page presented to the authenticating browser.  In order for this to work, the browser must have the ability to successfully submit random content as an inclusion of the authentication process, thus enabling one to proceed further in the application or website.  You can do this by presenting the random phrase in a graphic format such as GIF, JPG or PNG using random fonts or colors every time.  This will make it almost impossible for the hacker’s automated tool to succeed and crack authentication.